'4/25/2024 4:11:25 AM'

Starting Points if Patient Chooses Medication Abortion

Internists share practical tips on getting pills to patients and guiding them through the process. Medscape Medical News

'4/25/2024 3:19:18 AM'

Largest CIDP Trial Offers Promising Results for Drug Combo

Nearly 70% of patients showed improvement after treatment with efgartigimod plus rHuPH20 in phase 2 of the largest randomized controlled trial for CIDP to date. MDedge News

'4/25/2024 2:45:47 AM'

Planned Cesarean Delivery Doesn't Increase Infant Infections

In an as-treated analysis, actual cesarean delivery entailed an increased risk for infections compared with actual vaginal delivery, however. Medscape Medical News

'4/25/2024 2:26:15 AM'

AI Model Predicts Inpatient Hypoglycemic Events

Researchers demonstrated the model's excellent performance, raising hopes that it can someday prove a valuable tool for reducing such events in hospitalized patients. Medscape Medical News

'4/25/2024 2:00:36 AM'

Canada Will Likely Miss WHO's Hepatitis C Elimination Target

More harm reduction strategies are needed to help eliminate hepatitis C by 2030, according to researchers. Medscape Medical News

'4/25/2024 1:39:15 AM'

Timing Is Everything: CAR T for Follicular Lymphoma

CAR T-cell therapy is the best option for patients with relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma, even though it comes with serious side effects. MDedge News

'4/24/2024 11:44:20 PM'

Is Nighttime the Best Time for Exercise?

The timing of moderate to vigorous physical activity was associated with a lower risk for mortality and CVD in adults with obesity, including those with type 2 diabetes. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 10:53:02 AM'

What Happened to Aspirin? And What Replaces It?

Although low-dose aspirin to reduce the risk for first-time heart attacks and strokes was the standard of care for 30 years, the risk-benefit calculation has changed. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 9:12:21 AM'

Electronic System Slashes Antibiotic Use

Prescriptions for broad-spectrum antibiotics fell when clinicians were intercepted by a risk-assessment prompt. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 8:58:25 AM'

Wearable Device Uses Sleep Data to Identify Stress Risk

A wearable device can provide clues to stress levels reflected in sleep data, paving the way for identifying biomarkers that flag individuals needing additional support. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 6:50:15 AM'

Vaccine Safety and DMT for Highly Active MS: New Data

Many clinicians delay CD20 treatment until vaccine schedules are complete. A study suggests that this precaution may not be necessary. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 5:39:31 AM'

Severity of TRD Predicts Ketamine vs ECT Response

The severity of TRD appeared to predict response to IV ketamine vs ECT. However, experts said more research is needed before drawing any definitive conclusions. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 5:01:12 AM'

Is the FDA Pausing More Cancer Trials? It's Hard to Tell

Clinical trial holds delay therapies getting to market and may be on the rise in oncology. But there's a lot the public doesn't know about how often these holds happen and why. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 5:00:00 AM'

Long COVID Rates Elevated in Men With Type 2 Diabetes

The opposite was seen in women when compared with matched control individuals without diabetes. Medscape UK

'4/24/2024 4:09:38 AM'

Teleneurology for Suspected Stroke Speeds Treatment

Alerting neurologists via telemedicine that a patient with suspected acute stroke is en route to the hospital significantly speeds thrombolytic treatment. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 4:06:14 AM'

Are Direct-to-Consumer Microbiome Tests Clinically Useful?

Some companies claim they can identify and treat gastrointestinal problems with proprietary technology and products — experts disagree. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 3:00:24 AM'

FTC Bans Noncompetes, Urges More Healthcare Worker Protections

The FTC's decision to ban noncompete agreements could make it easier for doctors and other healthcare workers to switch jobs. But business groups say they will sue to block it. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 2:18:59 AM'

Can D-Mannose Prevent Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection?

The global rise in antibiotic resistance has complicated the therapeutic choices for urinary tract infections. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 2:15:18 AM'

Hepatitis Kills 3500 People Each Day, Says WHO

Although annual incidence decreased from 2.5 million in 2019 to 2.2 million in 2022, the WHO considers it to be high. Medscape Medical News

'4/24/2024 1:26:04 AM'

Which Emergencies Are Genuine Emergencies?

About half of patients in emergency rooms do not have a medical emergency, according to one clinician. Medscape Medical News